The most detailed guide for your trip to Pattaya coastal city


Pattaya - Thailand is a famous destination of Asian travel, visited by many foreign tourists, especially the Vietnamese. Pattaya has many interesting hot spots, beautiful beaches with various entertainment and activities. Below is the most detailed guide for you to have an enjoyable vacation in Pattaya city.

Pattaya overview

The city has three main areas:
•    Naklua: if you're in need of a peaceful trip in Pattaya, then this is the area for you. However, the coast here is muddy and has a lot of quicksand so swimming at the beach is not recommended.
•    Central Pattaya: this is the busy and crowded part of the city, which attracts the majority of tourists. There’s also a bustling Walking Street where you can go for a walk and hang out at night.
•    Jomtien: a heaven for foodies, especially those who are in love with Thai food. Then you must not miss this chance of tasting Thai's specialties by the beach!

How to get to Pattaya?

Currently, there’s no flight to Pattaya, so you can only book a ticket from Bangkok and get here by metro or bus, but it won’t be troublesome.
You can book flight tickets from Saigon to Bangkok through domestic airlines like Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, or Jetstar, with the price of 1,200,000VND - 1,500,000VND provided that you book them early.

Transportation in Pattaya

Taxi in Pattaya is the small type of cars, each turn costs 10 baht per pax.
Besides, you can rent a motorbike since it is the most convenient transport to travel around the city. The fare is 150 baht per day, and the fuel is on you.

Where to go shopping in Pattaya?

Looking for quality merchandise at an attractive price? Pattaya's malls can assure you that. However, most stores and malls here are open quite late, at 11 AM, so just take your time doing window-shopping and you can decide on what to buy later.
•    Mike Shopping Mall - address: Beach Road-Second Road street, opening time from 11 AM to 11 PM
•    Central Festival - address: in the center of Beach Road street, opening time from 11 AM to 11 PM on weekdays
•    Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya - address: South Pattaya street, opening time from 10.30 AM to 11 PM

What are the most popular tourist attractions in Pattaya?

Naklua Beach, Wong Amat beach, Wong Phrachan beach are some of the small beaches at Naklua bay. It’s not very crowded here so you can have your relaxation.
Koh Larn coral island: Koh Larn island has the white, silk-like sand and clear, refreshing sea with many entertaining games, along with fresh and tasty seafood.
Pattaya Floating market, Pattaya Hill: these stunning destinations are where you can observe the whole marvelous city from above. On the top of Pattaya hill, you will have a chance to admire the sunset.
Khao Chi Chan mountain carved with Buddha figure: you can visit this place for sightseeing and praying since the atmosphere here is serene.
Sriracha: where the tiger and pig shows are, constantly attracting tourists whenever they’re in Pattaya.